CMI Assignment Guidance

In total, it is required that the assessment should be between 1500 – 4500 words depending on level (see below). Learners must comply with the required word count, within a margin of +/- 10%. This applies to work assessed by the Centre and Externally Assessed by CMI.

These rules exclude the index (if used), headings, contents, information contained within references and bibliographies (if used). When an assessment Task requires Learners to produce presentation slides with supporting notes, the word count applies to the supporting notes only. The word count of tables is excluded; however Learners should limit the word count usage in tables.

The excessive use of word count in assignments is not grounds for referral, however CMI reserve the right to return work to the Centre for editing and resubmission by the Learner.

There may be instances where Learners require reasonable adjustments for assessment, including increased word count. In this instance, Learners should signpost their assessment to highlight where assessment criteria has been met. For further information, please refer to the CMI Reasonable Adjustments Procedure.

It would be good practice for Learners to state the total word count on the front of their assessment. Learners should also endeavour, where possible, to use Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format for their assessments.

If a Learner is resubmitting a referred assignment, word counts should still be adhered to. It is good practice for Learners to highlight in some way, either by different colour or typeface, the amended areas of the assignment.

CMI provide Centres with guidance on word counts at each level, with a margin of +/- 10%.

Level 2 = 1500 - 2000 
Level 3 = 2000 - 2500 
Level 4 = 2500 - 3000 
Level 5 = 2500 - 3000 
Level 6 = 2500 - 3000 
Level 7 = 3000 - 3500 
Level 8 = 4000 - 4500

Appendices Guidance

Learner work should aim to minimise the amount of unnecessary attachments or appendices. Information that is essential to the Learners work in order to meet the Assessment Criteria should be included within the main body of the report. This applies to work assessed by the Centre and Externally Assessed by CMI. Appendices that are included will not be moderated or marked by CMI.

All use of tables, graphs, diagrams, Gantt chart and flowcharts should be incorporated into the main text of the assignment, but not included in the word count. Any published secondary information such as annual reports and company literature, should be referenced in the main text of the assignment but not included.

Referencing Guidance

A professional approach to work is expected from all Learners. Learners must therefore identify and acknowledge all sources/methodologies/applications used, in accordance with the CMI Plagiarism and Collusion Statement. The Learner must use an appropriate referencing system to achieve this.

Bibliography Guidance

CMI does not require Learners to include a bibliography with their assignments, however all sources/methodology/applications should be acknowledged in accordance in the CMI Plagiarism and Collusion Statement. The Learner must use an appropriate referencing system to achieve this.

Writing Styles

You are writing for the reader(s), not yourself. Always consider a style appropriate for the reader. Where a number of different readers are anticipated, it is suggested a more formal and general style is adopted as follows:

  • Do not write in the first person; the third person is less emotive and more persuasive.
  • Always check spelling, and do not rely solely on automatic spell-checkers.
  • Stay clear of clichés, jargon and statements in inverted commas, unless these are quotations which are attributed. Occupationally used jargon and terminology is acceptable providing it is either explained in the main text or is shown in the Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations
  • Check your grammar; we all make errors, and it is advisable to ask a colleague to critically and constructively check your work before submission.
  • Number your pages consecutively in the bottom right hand corner and place you name and report title in the header section of each page. If required by your tutor, place your student number after your name.


Assignments and reports should be typed. If a print copy is required, this should be bound in a secure cover with the Title Page being immediately evident as the cover page.

Ideally, typing should be either 10 or 11-point font, with a 1.5 line spacing to allow for effortless reading – this usually results in approximately 200 words for each side of A4 paper.Do not use an exotic font style; Arial or Verdana is very readable, although you may have a requisite house style within your own organisation.

If using the earlier suggested report structure at Table 1, ensure each main heading commences on a new page. Number each Appendix item consecutively as they are mentioned in the main text and, if possible, tab each individual Appendix for easy reader access.

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